Church Vision


We long to:

  • Worship God with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strength
  • Be a welcoming and inclusive community
  • Care for our local community and our world
  • Share what we have found in Jesus with others in word and in action
  • Commit to follow Jesus and go where God leads


“To love God, to love people and to grow together to become more like Jesus.”


Vision is not about reality or what is. Vision is all about our dreams and aspirations and what could be with God’s help. We are dreaming of what we might become in the future. This dream or vision is a bold one, we realise that it is big and beyond our ability to do by ourselves. We recognise that we need and rely on God’s help. We could dream of smaller, easier things…but who wants to give their lives for a small dream?! With God’s help we dream of…

Becoming a church which is a vibrant, exciting and creative place where Christians are encouraged to grow and serve and where people who aren’t Christians are loved and welcomed, valued and included and inspired to discover the love and grace of God. The church is numbered in the hundreds and thousands and is making a real impact on the community around it. People of all ages are loved, valued, respected and included. All the people of Andover have heard of ABC and know it’s a vibrant place, they are impressed with what it does and think of it as a place to turn to for spiritual experience, help and advice.

Reaching out as we see people daily being saved. We aspire to see people being introduced in creative and imaginative ways to the love of God.  Social events, introduction to Christianity courses and lively and relevant services will all be used to attract people who aren’t Christians. Every member and attender will be empowered to share and live out their faith wherever they are. The people who are a part of ABC will be challenged and encouraged to build friendships and invite people to things. The church will also be going out in to the community to make the love of God known.

Renewing our local community and our world. We aspire to serve our local community through action projects that we are running and we will also aspire to be working with other partner organisations in the town to help people in need e.g. we may run parenting and money management courses in conjunction with the CAB, local schools and the council. We will be blessing our town and would be sorely missed if we were no longer a part of the community. We aspire to be helping people around the world as we reach out to those in need. We will be partnering with 3 or 4 key organisations and missionaries working overseas and we will be sending out teams of people to help on projects alleviating poverty.

Resourcing each other to grow in our relationship with God. We will be challenging Christians to be 24 hour a day, 7 days a week Christians who cannot help but reflect the glory and love of God. We will challenge one another to give sacrificially of our resources to advance the Kingdom of God. Everyone will be inspired to dream amazing dreams of what God can do and to take faith risks and embark on an adventure with God. We aspire to have a network of small groups whose primary purpose is the building of community. The groups are encouraged to care for one another through prayer and practical help. People will also be encouraged to get together in prayer and accountability partnerships or triplets. We will be helping people discover and use their gifts and are committed to excellence (the right people with the right gifts serving in the right place with the right attitude). We will have courses/workshops to equip people to grow and a clear set of next steps to help people in their personal faith journey.