The Oasis Project

For several years now, we’ve been praying, thinking and dreaming about how best to use our facilities to serve God’s purposes for us as a church, and as a resource for the town.

We are currently faced with several challenges with our facilities, namely overcrowding at our 11:00 service, lack of room space for children & youth work/community, significant repairs needed on different aspects of the building.

But more than that, we sense that God wants to build on the great work that is already carried out within the life of the church, but to enable us to have an even greater impact.

The values that will have been underpinning our work are the following:
Capacity 4 Growth: however we move forward, the option will need to give us the capacity to grow in the areas God has planned for us.

- Flexibility: as a church we are involved in several significant ministries, and our service to the town covers a breadth of areas. Our buildings need to reflect that flexibility, particularly as we invest in the next generation.

Stewardship of creation: we see the care for God’s world as a call to mission, and a responsibility for God’s people. Environmental considerations will therefore not just be token gestures, but central to the new building.

Accessibility: again, we do not want to just ‘comply’ with current regulations, but ensure that our facilities are open to all who want to come and encounter God through his people.

About the Project

Our architects – Allen Associates, working with our Oasis Project Team have developed a scheme that will equip the church for the next stage of its life and ministry. The ‘footprint’ of the building is only extended slightly (with a new entrance way) but the internal aspects of the building change radically. The layout is completely new and will leave us with a facility that is much more flexible, modern and welcoming than our current building.

For updates on the progress of the project please check out our Oasis Blog