NextSteps 2 Day Challenge

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NextSteps 2 Day Challenge

I’d like to personally challenge you to take a next step today in your own faith journey. It can be anything at all that you do in response to God’s leading or your own passion to invest in your relationship with God. We love to celebrate NextSteps milestones at ABC, not because the number is important but because NextSteps are and we love to celebrate each step because it represents a person who has taken the initiative to pursue personal spiritual growth!

So why don’t we try and hit 500 NextSteps taken with God before the end of November? At the time of writing, we have 10 steps to go and there are over 600 of us at ABC so it’s definitely doable!

Let us know via email or social media if you’ve taken a NextStep already this week or if you take one between now and Sunday N.B You don’t need to tell us what it is- that’s between you and God.

For inspiration, check out the multitude of opportunities on our NextSteps webpage here


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