New Series: Running with Giants

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New Series: Running with Giants

Watch any race and you realise its not how you start that counts, its where you are when they wave the flag. It’s about finishing well. And to finish well you are going to need a crowd to cheer you on. Some giants who have run the race before you.

Maybe it’s time for you to run a lap with a giant. Maybe its time to let these heroes… these giants of the faith who have been cheering us on from the sidelines… to step out of the grandstand and do a lap of life with us. What can we learn from their faithful (and at times flawed) lives? How can the way they lived impact our lives today? On your marks…

Just a reminder that ALL the services in August will be single joint all-age services starting at 10.15am and will include a Big Story with Big Story packs available for the kids during the main talk. As usual on these Big Story Sundays there will be an unmanned room for under 5’s and their parents/carers if the little ones get a bit wriggly.

Sun 4th Aug 10.15am Joint all-aged - Moses - Lessons for a risk averse life

Sun 11th Aug 10.15am Joint all-aged - Noah - Lessons for a life in limbo

Sun 18th Aug 10.15am Joint all-aged - Abraham - Lessons for a wrung out dad

Sun 25th Aug 10.15am Joint all-aged - Samson - Lessons for raising giants


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