Rob's Sabbatical Week Six Update

Rob’s Blog - by Rob Hadfield

Rob's Sabbatical Week Six Update

In week six of my half Sabbatical I began to wrap up this period of study and reflection by tying up loose ends:

BODY: Despite the heat, I attended both of my Taekwondo classes this week and felt a keen sense of accomplishment for having persevered. However, fatigue is an ongoing issue, a side effect of some medication I’m on, and so energy levels really decreased as the week went on. I had to accept that my secondary goal of beating my Parkrun personal best is currently out of reach and so I abandoned it until I’m feeling fit enough. I thought it more responsible to return to work with some energy in the tank rather than push myself any harder and risk the fatigue becoming a more serious issue.

MIND: I managed to tie up a lot of loose ends with my research paper this week, writing up a list of recommendations afterwards. I have a plan for how I will approach implementing my findings and presenting some of them to others. I also created an energy management plan with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly boundaries to ensure I can withstand the rigours of ministry better and live a more balanced lifestyle. I also prepared a proposal document for one way we could extend our reach and influence in the Andover community.

SOUL: Week six included time for prayer and reflection as well as nearly completing another chapter of my prayer book. I also spent time with a friend, invested in my marriage by ensuring quality time walking with Tracey and listened to some great worship music to refresh my soul.

Please pray for me as I return to the office this week. Pray that I can catch up quickly, relieve some of the pressure that the team has been feeling and begin to implement changes to the way I work that will maximise my effectiveness and productivity. Pray for Chris and I as we catch up and work out how and where to apply all the things I’ve learned. Many of the things I have started exploring during this six week period require more research so please pray that I might be able to create some whitespace in my regular schedule in order to continue learning. Thank you all for your prayer and support whilst I have been away and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!


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