Rob's Sabbatical Week Three Update

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Rob's Sabbatical Week Three Update

Hello again! For those of you who are keeping up with my Sabbatical updates, here’s another one from week three:

MIND: I made good progress on the research paper I’ve been working on for our leaders team, exploring the subject of church growth and the implications it has for staffing (paid and voluntary), communications and church culture. This involved a lot of reading and research online, as well as the collection and evaluation of a questionnaire that I had asked our staff team to fill in. This enabled me to begin to map out a theoretical organogram for ABC that may help leaders as we plan for the future.

I also met up with our staff team to watch and discuss a series of conference videos aimed at helping church leaders craft sermon series and create a church culture that furthers our mission together. This was a really strategic time together and it was time well spent.

BODY: I struggled with my fitness goals this week due to some fatigue that I think is a side effect of some medication I am on at the moment so I only managed one Taekwondo training session and one run this week. Please pray for my energy levels, especially since I have a Taekwondo grading coming up next week where I will be attempting to earn my red belt!

SOUL: I have fed my soul’s creative side again this week by watching another graphic design tutorial. I also managed to finish writing the first chapter of a book of prayers in response to Luke’s Gospel. Luke is a great book to pray through and my hope is that some of my prayers may spur other people on to prayers of their own, taking inspiration right from the pages of the Bible. I also read through and reflected on the book of Nahum, one of the smallest books of the Bible but with a deeply challenging message. One other source of inspiration and growth was a leadership podcast by Craig Groeschel about managing your energy better to maximise your productivity. I found it incredibly useful!

Please do continue to pray for fresh ideas to flow from my research, fresh rythmns of life and ministry to flow from my devotional times and fresh energy for the tasks that help my body get fitter. Please also continue to pray for the staff team in my absence. Bless you all for your support!



  • Annie.Burton:

    08 Jul 2019 20:13:30

    All I can say to that is keep your hydration levels up Rob! You will achieve all you have planned especially as JESUS never lets us down HE is always with us to keep us protected & safe from harm. My Prayers are with you x

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