Ignite this Sunday

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Ignite this Sunday

About 9 months ago we launched a new Sunday evening service called Ignite. It takes place on the second Sunday of the month at 7.30pm and is a part of our bigger vision to eventually have up to four services on a Sunday providing multiple environments for people to gather together to experience and encounter God. Under the fabulous leadership of Alex Pugh the team have been working on what the event should look like and been trying out various different ways of doing things. We now think that they have settled on a great pattern and a great environment.

Ignite starts at 7.30pm with a cafe with free food and drink and then moves on around 7.45pm into a time of musical worship. There is a short talk and often a video to help everyone reflect on the topic of the day. That theme is shared with our morning services.

We have designed Ignite to be a chilled out and laid back environment. It has a bit more musical worship than our morning services and we make more use of the lighting and sound system that we have in our main hall. The feedback that we receive from those who try it out is overwhelmingly positive. Check out this Facebook post for some photos of the event.

We are keen to encourage ABC regulars to come and be a part of this service to help create a great environment and build up the Ignite congregation. We also think that Ignite provides a great opportunity for us to invite people who may be interested in exploring God and faith. We would love to encourage you to come and be a part of the beginning of this new congregation and help in our vision to grow the number of services and events that we do.

Hope to see you there Chris

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