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What does it take to balance? It takes 3 things – reference point, constant correction and a clear objective. When you are trying to maintain your balance having a reference point to focus on makes it easier. When you are trying to maintain your balance you need to constantly correct as you wobble or move forward.

As you try to maintain your balance it is really helpful to know what you are trying to do and where you are trying to get to – a clear objective.

Imbalance in our finances: · Distorts our values · Causes relationship issues · Creates habits in one stage of life that have consequences for another stage of life · Creates worry over whether or not you have enough · Makes it easy to hoard and hard to give, easy to spend and hard to save, easy to presume on the future rather than prepare for it.

During this series (which we started last week), we are going to look at how we find and maintain balance in our finances and in the second of the talks we are thinking about the need for constant correction.

One day Jesus was talking with his disciples and a whole crowd of people had started to gather. Jesus was talking to his disciples and then someone in the crowd called out with a question about money and a family dispute. You can read what happened in Luke’s account of Jesus life in the New Testament: Luke Chapter 12 verses 13 to 26.

God is not anti money or anti spending, but he is definitely anti greed because greed means our hopes are in something other transitory, something unworthy of the precious investment of our hope.

It’s OK to enjoy spending money but if that is where we put our hope then we are in trouble. Life does not consist of the abundance of possessions.

We need to manage and maintain our money responsibly. I think that means we need to consider saving some of our money. Saving some, investing for the future is a responsible thing to do. Proverbs Chapter 21 verse 20 says this “The wise person saves for the future, the foolish person just spends whatever he or she gets”

In the story that Jesus told the man decides to store up more for the future, that seems logical to us doesn’t it? But God says ‘you fool’ what use will it all be if your life ends. Jesus is not saying that we shouldn’t prepare for the future financially – he had a barn after all and there is no criticism of that.

He is not saying that we shouldn’t save for the future. The point of this parable is that it never even occurs to the guy to do something else with this abundant crop, more than he can store in his existing barn. It never even occurs to the guy to do something else with all his extra, and that is to share some of it – that’s the problem, that’s why the guy is a fool.

This guy is not honouring God, he is not making himself rich towards God because he is not sharing some of what he has.

The three S’s of God’s money management plan: Spend It, Save It, Share It. But it should be the other way around Share It, Save It, Spend It.

Are there any course corrections that God is speaking to you about?

For some great resources on sharing with others check out the 40 Acts of Generosity scheme that is running through this season of Lent. 40 Acts

For more information about finances and giving at ABC, please check out the Giving option on our Next Steps webpage under the Partner section.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Can you think of a time in your life (it could be right now) where financial imbalance has caused you issues in your life?

  2. Why do you think it is so easy to put our hope in material things (the abundance of possessions)?

  3. Do you agree with the statement “God is not anti money but he is anti greed”?

  4. What do you think Jesus is trying to help people understand in the parable that he told?

  5. When you think of the three S’s of God’s money management plan, how does that work for you?

  6. Are there any areas of those three S’s (share it, save it, spend it) where you need some course correction?

Take some time this week to come before God and ask him if there are any corrections he is calling you to make.

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