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On Sunday morning Rob (our Associate Minister) spoke brilliantly on the theme of Partner as part of our NextSteps series. The message he delivered wasn’t complicated or difficult to understand but it was deeply profound and hugely important. As I reflected on that it struck me again that this was often also the way with Jesus. So much of what he said and taught wasn’t difficult to understand or full of complex theories or concepts, but it was hugely significant, challenging and life changing.

Take for example, what Jesus said were the two most important commandments of God to do and to follow: love God and love other people (your neighbour). That’s not complex or difficult to understand but it is really difficult to do, but if we could simply love God better and love people more, it would change us and it would change our lives and it would change the world.

Rob was challenging us by questioning whether those of us who call ourselves Christians are consumers or partners. Are we simply consuming what God has to offer or are we partnering with God in his mission to our world. And Rob was challenging us with that same question with regard to the church…are we consuming the ‘product’ that Andover Baptist Church is offering or are we partnering with the church in the mission God has called us to? God isn’t interested in consumers, God wants partners.

I went away from Sunday morning inspired again to recommit myself to partner with God and with ABC by giving all that I can in service to my Lord and to his church. We are told in the Bible that Jesus laid down his life not just for each of us but for the church too. That means the church is really important and by simply consuming church we aren’t recognising the scale of that sacrifice.

So the question that God asks of you and me in response to all this is “Are you all in?”

God bless Chris

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