Extravagantly Generous Part 3

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Extravagantly Generous Part 3

Back in October we finished a series that we had been doing at our Sunday morning services called Overflow. The series was all about the need for us to live lives of extravagant generosity in response to the amazing generosity that God has shown towards us. I have done a few blogs since on what it means for us to be an extravagantly generous church. In this blog I am going to cover what it means for us to be extravagantly generous in our care for the poor.

In the New Testament book of Acts there is a description of the first New Testament church (Acts chapter 2 verses 42 to 47). In it there is a phrase which says “Selling property and possessions they gave to anyone who had need.” That was pretty radical stuff. They were willing to make extraordinary sacrifices to help those in need.

Of course they were following the example of Jesus who cared for the poor and the marginalised. We are called to follow that same example.

One of the ways we can be an extravagantly generous church is to care for the poor and the marginalised. Many of us are already doing that and as a church we are involved in several projects to give that kind of care both here in Andover and overseas. But there is always more that we can do and I hope and pray that God will open even more opportunities to bless those in need as individuals and as a church.

God bless Chris

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