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New Temporary Sunday Location

ABC Temporary Sunday Service Location is John Hanson Community School

Sunday 23rd April 2017 - Mid January 2018

We will be running 2 morning services only at 9.15am and 11am at the below address while our building is being refurbished. There is adequate parking at John Hanson School.

John Hanson Community School, Floral Way, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3PB.

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Message about the new location from Senior Minister Chris Porter:

Hello church!

As I write this our moving out of the church building is almost complete! It has been quite a week, but it is all coming together. A huge thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make it happen.

This coming Sunday we meet at John Hanson School for the first time and this email will tell you a bit about how that is going to work, so please do read it!

Time: Our services are at 9.15 and 11am

Location: John Hanson school, Floral Way, Andover. SP10 3PB.

Parking: There is parking in the car park at the school.

Adults: We will be meeting in the main hall at the school which is accessed by following the path around the right hand side of the main school block (there will be plenty of signs set out directing you as well as people from our welcome team to point you in the right direction).

Young People (11am service only): Our Impact group for those in school years 7 to 11 will be starting with the adults in the main hall before going to their group in the Music and Drama block (just across the courtyard from the main hall). Our Impact 18 group for those in school years 12 and 13 will be staying with the adults for the entire service.

Children (11am service only): Our children (2’s to 11 year olds) will be able to be registered in their groups (crèche, bubbles, splash and xstream) from 10.45am. They will be meeting in the Music and Drama block for the duration of our service (there will be plenty of signs out directing you as well as people from our welcome team to point you in the right direction). Parents please do come early (particularly for the first few weeks) as you find your way and get your children registered. Please note that for logistical reasons children must be registered by 11.15am and if you arrive any later than that you will not be able to access the children’s groups. Please remember to collect your children promptly after the service has finished so that our group leaders can get started on packing everything away.

Crèche (11am service only): We are a bit limited in the space we have available at the school so we have had to do something slightly different with our crèche group. For parents who are happy for their children to be out for the whole service they can join in with the bubbles group in the Music and Drama block (you can drop them off or stay with them). As a guide we think that this will be suitable for those aged between 1 and 2. For those younger than that they can stay with you in the service and if you need to come out with them there will be a Come & Go Creche space in the lobby of the CABC block. Unfortunately the school doesn’t have baby changing facilities so parents will need to bring their own and be prepared to take nappy bags home with you for disposal.

Safety: We are really keen to keep everyone safe whilst we are at the school. It is a bit different to being in our own church building. In particular the children and youth work will be taking place in a separate building across the courtyard from the main hall. It is also a very large site and we need to ensure that we don’t go to parts that we aren’t using. It is therefore really important that parents know where their children and young people are at all times and supervise them carefully. The school (like the church building) is a public access site and we don’t always know who will be there, so please do take responsibility for your family.

Other Stuff: The entire school is a non-smoking site.

I am really excited about this next stage of our life together. It is great that the building project is underway and I firmly believe that God has some really important things to show and teach us and do with us over the next few months. Please keep praying that God will continue to work in us and through us and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

God bless,

Chris Porter


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