We will hopefully update this section regularly with breaking news and information about all sorts of exciting ABC related initiatives, upcoming events and also general inspirational stuff that we find interesting. Please keep checking back to see what we're up to!

  • Next IGNITE

    Next IGNITE

    Our next IGNITE event is happening Sunday 8th Dec starting at 7.30pm. Would be great to see you there!

  • Reset Part 2: Our Responsibility

    Reset Part 2: Our Responsibility

    God calls us to take responsibility for passing on our faith to the next generations and to make the sacrifices necessary for that to happen.

  • Songs of Praise

    Songs of Praise

    Join us for this exciting hour long service which includes interviews, well known hymns and songs, a short talk and some prayers. This is followed by a free tea with hot drinks and cake.

  • New Series: RESET

    New Series: RESET

    Ever feel like the hard drive of your life is clogged up? Or that you have so much to process you’re going to crash? Do you need to hit the reset button and ask God to show you what it should actually be like to follow him?

  • Polish Adventures Part 3

    What a trip we had. Building even firmer bonds with Helen and the folks in Szczecin has been wonderful.

  • Actively pursuing a deeper relationship with God and others

    Actively pursuing a deeper relationship with God and others

    Taking next steps means actively pursuing a deeper relationship with God and others through continual and deliberate actions to keep growing in your faith.

  • Polish Adventures Part 2

    The young people were amazing again and entered into all the activities with enthusiasm and passion.

  • Polish Adventures Part 1

    It has been a wonderful first day and the young people have been great.

  • Rediscovering Prayer Week 4

    Pray before you are tempted and fall. Everyone can be tempted. We’re all susceptible to the deception of thinking we’re stronger than we are. Nobody is perfect and we all need a way out of situations where we might well give in to temptation. Thankfully, God is constantly speaking to us and leading us away from the evil one’s ambushes.

  • Rediscovering Prayer week 3

    What’s got its hooks into you right now and no matter how hard you try can’t seem to break free? An overused credit card? A little drink to get your through the day? Or something stronger? Is it a gambling habit that’s hooked you in? Or an out of control temper? Or is it something sexual and it’s totally embarrassing?

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