Small Groups

In a large church where it is hard to get to know people on Sunday mornings, small groups are vital for developing a sense of community and fellowship.

At ABC they are the ‘community cogs’ that enable us to grow together in our discipleship and care for one another. At the moment about 80% of ABC attenders meet in nearly 40 groups of varying sizes across the town and in the local villages in peoples’ homes each week.

Each group has its own style but common characteristics include study of the Bible, praying together, building relationships, discovery of spiritual gifts and groups have an increasing emphasis on serving the community and outreach. People who cannot attend regularly are invited to be ‘associated’ to a group to be kept up to date with news and have a point of contact for pastoral care.

Small groups which are particularly distinctive:

  • Flourish (Our Ladies Bible Study) meets on Thursday mornings at 9.30am in church. A crèche is provided to enable mums of young children to also participate.

What are they?

We have over 30 small groups meeting in different locations all over Andover and the surrounding regions. We meet for a time of sharing, studying the bible, prayer and helping each other to share our faith. We also believe that Small Groups are the best medium for having an impact on our communities, through social action projects, organising meals together, just sharing lives with others around us.

Who are they for?

This is the best opportunity for those who attend ABC’s services to get to know other people within the life of the congregation and to go deeper in our relationships. For those who can’t get to the groups, you can also have the opportunity to be ‘associated’ with a small group. This means that although you may not be able to attend the meetings, you can still be part of the pastoral life of the group.

What next?

If you’re interested, then please get in touch with Ian Burnham, via the church office for a list of groups, timings and details.